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Have You Prepared for an Emergency?

Wildfires, hurricanes…just a few of the natural events that have been in the news lately. It got me thinking about getting prepared if something terrible happened and we had to flee our house (or even the city), because of a dangerous situation or something like a major power outage.

Have you thought about preparations for your pet? While my first instant would be to get mine out of danger as soon as I could, I’d never given much thought to where we’d go and what supplies we’d need if we had to be gone more than a few days.

Here are a few things I’ve made sure I’ve got ready-

Copy of a health and vaccination certificate and rabies tag. Some shelters won’t take in animals without it so you need proof your pet is up to date. Also, crossing some state lines require proof too.

Something showing where to contact you in case you and your pet get separated. Also, their microchip number and their vet’s contact information too.

A list of local hotel/motels that take pets. I checked recently and found one that while they will accept pets, they only have a limited number of pet assigned rooms. If an emergency happens they could fill up quickly so have an alternative one ready. I also found that some take dogs but not cats, some have a pet limit of 2, while others a weight limit, so ask around and have that information handy.

If hotels aren’t an option, where would you go? Check on emergency shelters and if they accept pets, some don’t and you might have to go farther afield.

Make sure you have a bag ready packed with toys, and something familiar like a blanket they’ve used before so they don’t get stressed out.

A collapsible bowl is another great addition to a emergency pack along with food and a bottle of water you can give to them until you can find something more permanent. Also, if you’re the pet parent of a cat, make sure you have one of those disposable cat litter pans on hand.

One last thing, your pet’s scent. Get a cloth and rub it on them and then place it inside a sealed bag just in case they get lost or flee in fright…some places have rescue dogs that look for lost pets and this might help find them quickly.

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