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Should You Adopt a Puppy or an Older Dog?

Are you heading to your local shelter this weekend and wondering should I adopt a puppy or would an older dog be the perfect match?

Yes, a puppy is precious, but also very needy. You’ll spend far more time with that puppy in the early months than you would with an older dog. The shelters are crowded with dogs – many just a few months out of their puppy phase.

A puppy is going to adjust to your home better than an older dog, but that doesn’t mean the older dog won’t love your home, too. Puppies and older dogs each have their own specific requirements.

A puppy has to be trained from square one. An older dog might already be trained, but could have more vet bills if it’s not a completely healthy older dog. Or, it might be an old dog who for example doesn’t enjoy being around children anymore.

If you’re an older pet parent, would a puppy’s energy be too taxing on your own? Sometimes there’s nothing better than an older dog who’s calmer and already knows how to walk on a leash so you’re not dragged down the road.

Also, look at other pets you might already have in the home. Sometimes it’s easier for a puppy to fit into the family but some dogs and cats might find the high energy and play antics a bit too much especially if they’re a senior pet.

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